Hand truck wheel C586 -performa hand truck wheel round thread 500 lbs cap.

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Item no: M20081 
Capacity: 500 LBS
Size:  2"W  8"H
Model: C586
Thread: Round thread, 500 lbs capacity



Offset hub design.  This black or gray thread wheel is a lightweight, high-performance hand truck wheel that rolls longer, quieter, and smoother without marking floors.  The exclusive wheel design features a zerk fitting for the wheel bearing and provides maximum rolling ease for greater maneuverability on the job.  This wheel thread won to pick up gravel or floor debris, and this wheel performs better than a pneumatic tire...yet never goes flat! Like all of our Performa models, the wheel provides maximum shock absorption for a cushioned ride and will not flat-spot, even under load.  The materials give superior weather resistance and lower temperature flexibility, as well as high resistance to chemicals, acids, water, and steam. 
Temp range: -45℉ to +180℉ intermittent service
Hardness: 55(±5) Durometer Shore A scale.