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Item no: M10055
Height: 60"
Over-All Bed: 63-1/4" x 16"
Usable Bed: 61"-1/2" x 16"
Two Center Caster: 8"
Capacity: 1,500 Lbs
Four end Caster: 4"
Weight: 122 Lbs
Handle: 49-1/2" x 14 5/8"


Handles more products than most hand trucks and stock carts. Its narrow deck width design makes moving around tight spaces, aisles, or hallways, making this u-boat super-efficient. The six-wheel caster assembly allows the truck to turn easily.  The handles allow for easy transport of oversized materials. Steel Deck has a slip-proof diamond tread surface and durable powder coat finish as well as a 1500 lbs. capacity for maximum strength.